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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


In writing the book, one of the lessons I learned was humility. One may ask the question, how did writing a book humble you? Reflecting on my life, the life of the palmist and Jesus' birth, one can see humility as the fabric of both and the author's Christian faith. Jesus humbled Himself to make His entrance through the gateway of humanity using a virgin birth fulfilling prophecy and then God , the Father used lowly shepherds in the fields minding their flock whom He knew would shout for joy at the news of the Messiah's birth.

Allow the me to paint a clear picture of humility, First, Mary was a humble virgin engaged to Joseph. She was looked upon as a nobody. Second, the shepherds was viewed as the despised of that day's society . Third, when it was time for the baby Jesus to be born, the elites were not willing to give up their plush hotel rooms for a lowly pheasant girl to give birth. Little did they know she was giving birth to the Savior of the world. Fourth, God sent His heavenly choir to make the grand announcement to lowly people who went and told everybody and performed a praise dance never seen or heard before; and then they brought gifts as expressions of true love and appreciation.

Questions, what does this Christmas season teaches us about humility? What does the book, Psalm 23 teach us about humility as it relate to David when he humbled himself before God?The author relates well to David and appreciates what God has done and continues to do in her life. Can you appreciate the goodness of the Lord? Does this Christmas season or any Christmas season cause us to rejoice in what God has done for humanity? Will we pause and humbly submit ourselves before Christ and thank God for sending His Son to be subjected to human limitations or will we busy ourselves with Christmas commercialization? Aren't you glad God gave humanity the greatest gift of all times and Christ humbled Himself out of love as an example of what humility is.

In closing this dialog, let's stop and thank God, the Father for what He did and then thank His Son, Jesus Christ for being willing to become God-man so that we (humanity) may know true joy and salvation. Christ is the reason for Christmas.

Prayer! Lord, I humbly submit myself to you. Lord I am willing to serve in whatever capacity you assign me. Amen!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

I read the entire manuscript and shouted glory To God this is a winner. “As I read on, I made notes and comments to the author signaling my approval throughout the book.”

Mary A. Hunter,
A retired English Typing Teacher

After reading excerpts from my aunt’s book; I am eagerly waiting the book’s release so I can purchase and read the entire book. The book is inspirational, enlightening and makes for easy reading, as well as a book that can be used as a teaching tool. I encourage everyone to purchase this inspiring book.

Deidre Samuel
Nail Attic and Accessory Boutique

... a well written book, easy reading, enlightening and inspiring. I recommend this book to believers and non-believers. It will bring non-believers to Christ and uplift the spirit of believers.

Rev. Dorothy Stone-Montgomery, President and Founder of Positive Lifestyles and the
Power within, Board member Detroit Agency on Aging.

The Lord Is My Shepherd

This book reflects on the author’s personal relationship with the Lord God in term of God being her Shepherd.

Let us takes a panoramic view of Psalm 23. First, it is a Psalm of trust. When we look at these six little verses, we see a single theme which is one of complete trust. From the very first verse, David, expresses no fear or concerns for his life because he has completely entrusted his life to this Lord God as his Shepherd.

This Psalm presents David in two perspectives. One is that it gives a vivid illustration of David as the sheep and the Lord as the shepherd; the shepherd who cares for his sheep, who is David, and all who trust completely in the Lord for all of his needs. When we think of who the Lord is, then how can we not trust Him completely? He is the creator of everything that was created?

When we look at the word, Lord or God, this conveys more than just a designation of the Supreme Being or Sovereign of the universe. Nathan Stone (1994) Names of God states that “The name God or Lord tells a little about His character and His ways.” However, it does not say all of the mysteries of the word God means to us until we get to know more about Him (God). I am in total agreement with Mr. Stone.

In our King James Bibles, we find the Hebrew word “Jehovah” which is the translation of “LORD” in all capitals to distinguish it from another Hebrew word Adonai which is also translated to mean Lord.

I took this long dissertation to explain why the Lord is my Shepherd, and King David’s, as we should realize the Sovereignty of God.

I will show how King David was portrayed as the earthly good shepherd shepherding the flock of Israel. This Psalm is looked upon as a Royal Psalm.

This Psalm prophetically speaks of Jesus Christ because He is the Good Shepherd as spoken of in Hebrews 13:20b, who brought us from the dead through His blood of the everlasting covenant. Revelation 17:14 states that “Jesus is Lord of Lord, King of Kings, and they that are with Him are called and chosen and faithful.”

Finally, this Psalm conveys two themes or movement, which are (1) a description of the Lord as Shepherd caring for His sheep. The psalmist needs and those of mankind’s are met who trust in the Lord as their Shepherd. (2) The other theme shows the Lord as Shepherd extending His grace and mercy to all.

When we define grace, we see it as God’s unmerited gift, which means giving us something that we do not deserve and His mercy as His love for all of mankind.

In my humble opinion, anyone would be foolish not to trust a God like our Lord.