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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Holy Spit at Work

During my daily scripture reading and meditation I read other devotionals as well as Heavenly Bred, what struck me on more that one occasion is how the Holy spirit is working through me and other Christian writers as we are most often on the same page on any particular subject matter. Case in point, while reading Sunday's devotional that another Christian writer had written on the subject of "The Persecuted Church" as this was a topic that i paused in my daily reading and meditation earlier while reflecting on this country's freedom of worship without fear of persecution while in other countries Christians are being persecuted for worshiping the true and living God. I paused and prayed that the day never come when Christians in this country are compelled to worship in secrecy. Also, I prayed for the perseverance of the persecuted hat through their faith in God they remain steadfast in their commitment to Him. What came to mind was that we now have our freedom to worship God, but when I witness the attendance in some churches they are half empty then I wonder why? A number of reasons come to mind, is it that we are taking God for granted? Do we feel that we do not need God? Is it that our economy is to the point that many are compelled to save their money for daily necessities? Is it that many do not want to hear what the preacher in saying? Is it that many have lost all hope? Where is our trust in God? Whatever the reasons are I encourage all to remember that God said in His Word that He would never leave nor forsake His own.

Another point of the Holy Spirit working through His people in spreading the gospel message is this Sunday's devotional by this author, her prayers were for those who are being persecuted for Christ's sake. Also, on other occasions we Christian writers in our devotionals have been in the same book of scripture and same topic; for example, prayer, perseverance, patience and faith in God. Just look at the Holy Spirit working!

Believers, join me as we continue obeying the great commission as recorded in Matthew 28:19-20 as we lift the name of Jesus. We are witnessing many sinful lifestyles being spread like a bay leaf tree before our very eyes.

closing thoughts, just as the Holy Spirit speak through me and other Christian writers, He will and does speak through all believers in our obedience to our commission of spreading the gospel message. Satan has no win.

God is going to punish sin, just as He did in Noah's day. Therefore, stand like Noah, he preached it's going to rain for 120 years, but the sinful failed to believe or repent, all were lost.

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