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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Giving and Receiving

John 3:16

Today let’s look at John 3:16 from a giving and receiving point of view. This verse is regarded as the golden text of the Bible, but it also depicts the true essence of giving and receiving. God is our perfect role model on giving and receiving because He gave to us first.

Let us look at several points in this verse, first, God so loved that His motivation for giving was love, and so should our giving. Second, God’s love became an act that He gave. Third, God gave His only begotten Son--Jesus. God gave His very best; we are to give our best. Fourth, God gave for a specific reason---to return man back to Him from Satan. It is God’s deepest desire to have man and His relationship restored. In order for God to get His need met, He gave. Fifth, God gave sacrificially. Our salvation cost Jesus His life. It cost us our full repentance and giving our lives to God. Sixth, God’s plan worked---souls are saved because God gave His best first.

Several questions come to mind, what is your motive for giving? Is your giving motivated by love while keeping in mind that God loves a cheerful giver and it is better to give than to receive while modeling our giving after God? What is your need? Is your giving an act of your deepest love and strongest faith which is the key to having your needs met. Give your life to God receive eternal life.

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