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Saturday, July 25, 2009

There is Rest in Jesus

Matthew 11:28-30
Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
It has come to my attention that some of my readers are struggling under the weight of difficulties, our scripture text reminds us of Jesus' invitation to come to Him regardless of our problems. Jesus recognized that there were going to be problems in our lives regardless of the cause; whether it's sickness, financial difficulties or family struggles it remains a problem that on one can handle alone, but by coming to Jesus, we are accepting His invitation to take our troubles to Him and cast them at His feet. We have his assurance that He will give us the rest from all our trial and tribulations.
1 Peter 5:7 encourages all who are experiencing anxieties and difficulties to "cast your cares on Him; for he careth for you." God would not have made such declaration if He were not true to His Word. What do you have to lose? The only thing to be lost are the problems. In casting your cares on the Lord, we must do so with a firm conviction that God can and will take care of the problem. Are God's children less than the fowls of the air or the plant/lilies of the fields where they neither toil nor worry about their safety or well being? I think not! God in His divine wisdom has provided for all our needs, cares and concerns.
Allow me to direct your attention to a scripture that I find comforting in my time of trial, which is Psalm 23, which describes the Lord as the good shepherd who cares for all His sheep/man. Shall in verse 1 is our guarantee that whatever we encounter in this life, God is in control of the situation for He is too wise to make a mistake and too gracious to see His children begging bread. Verse 2 coincides with verse 28, meaning that He calms the troubled waters of our very souls. therefore, knowing God for who He is brings Psalm 27:1 into focus where we find an implied question of who or what are we to fear? The answer should be nothing or no one for " if God bring you to it He will bring you through it."
In closing, take your burdens to the Lord in prayer and leave them there for there is rest in Jesus Christ.
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Faith in God through Jesus Christ

1 John 5:1-5

In this week's blog we will look at some key lessons in faith as "faith is based on our knowledge of God's Word and His character" (Spirit Filled Bible).
In faith we as believers look forward to the second coming of Christ as we know that we well be transformed into Jesus' likeness when He returns. Because of our faith we are confident in our witness to who Christ is and the love that God, the Father has shown to all mankind as the Holy Spirit bare witness of our faith and love for God and others. In yielding to the Holy Spirit we grow in total obedience to God. Our faith gives us the assurance that we as believers have victory through Jesus Christ as He has overcome the world and as we stand firm in our faith, the world has no control or influence over us. This is the faith that see the eternal realities and as we experience the power of God to the point the world's sinful pleasures, ungodly ways and selfish materialism is of no interest to us as believers.
What principle is applied in a faith-filled practice? Believers practice a daily faith-filled prayer life as this is the believer's communication with God. Through faith we know God hears all our prayers and when our prayers are aligned with the Will of God we get a "yes" answer. God know best and He desires the best for us. This bring into focus our faith and trust in God in all that we do and request of Him.
How strong is your faith?
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