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Thursday, March 26, 2009

How do you worship God?

John 4:23-24

In an attempt to answer our discussion question, we must define worship, according to King James Study Bible; worship “constitutes those actions and attitude that ascribe honor and worth to the great God of heaven and earth.” It further states that worship is “God-centered and not human-centered.” Additionally, the King James Bible states that “in Christian worship we draw near to God with joy and gratitude for what He has done for us in Christ and through the Holy Spirit.”

Therefore, believers express their worship in faith, love, and devotion that begins in the hearts of each believer and resonates in our daily lives to God and His Son Jesus Christ, the lamb who was slain from the foundation of the world for humanity’s sins.

Let’s look at the key components that governs our worship and they are:( a) All who truly worship God must do so in spirit and truth as God is a spirit. Also, true worship takes place in the believer’s heart and is manifested outward by the Holy Spirit. (b) The second element of worship contains several components of our worship, and they are (1) participate in the sacraments of the Lord’s Supper. (2) Offer sacrifices of praise to God continually, as it is essential to Christian worship. (3) Christian worship can be seen through the singing of hymns, spiritual songs, and psalms. (4) Prayer is an essential component of Christian worship as believers we are encouraged to commune with God daily through prayer. (5) Scripture reading is also essential to true Christian worship. (6) Confession of our sins is also considered as true worship as it is seen as an admission of our guilt before God. (7) We as believers are to assemble ourselves with other believers yielding to the Holy Spirit.
In closing, let’s worship God in spirit and truth as He is worthy.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Which do you choose the gift of God and eternal or sin and death?

Romans 6:23
Our topical discussion is based on a personal decision that each individual must make when deciding whether to accept God’s free gift of salvation that gives us the inheritance of eternal life or reject God’s gift of salvation and spend eternally separated form Him.
In making our choices we must remember that there is a spiritual warfare that is raging between God and Satan and our choice will determine where we will spend eternity as well as how we live our earthly lives here on earth. If we choose to become servants in God’s army then there are many blessings as our reward. Some of the rewards are: (a) we have accepted Jesus Christ’s atoning death at Calvary and He have become our Lord and Saviour, (b) we become heirs to the kingdom of God, (c) we have the indwelling Holy Spirit protecting us from all danger while leading, guiding, teaching, and sealing us in the family of God, and (d) we have been freed from the bondage of sin and the stigma of death that it carries.
Consider this, we work thirty years for a company, then retire with a pension to relax and enjoy life’s golden years-- spend a lifetime in Christ we get to enjoy God’s goodness in His presence in our after life (golden years).
Finally, in making our choice consider the consequences of our decisions, which is where do I want to spend eternity after my physical life has ended. Therefore, the question remains, which do you, choose?

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