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Friday, June 12, 2009

Let Go And Let God

1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 23:1-6, Philippians 4:19

This week’s topical discussion is to encourage us to take our problems to God and leave them with Him as He is willing and able to handle all of our problems. 1 Peter 5:7 reminds us of God’s care for us in that He asks us to “cast your cared upon Him; for he careth for you.” God would not make such request if He were not willing or able to handle our problems. Another school of thought is that God is the creator of all that is created and this includes man His prized creation that God created in His likeness and image, then God provide for all our needs, concerns and provides solutions to all our problems.

Reflect with me on Psalm 23 and take an analytical look at each verse and see what God is saying to mankind yesterday, today and tomorrow. In verse 1 God tell humanity that you shall not want (partial paraphrase), meaning whatever the situation He, God is going to take care of it. As you continue analytically looking at this passage of scripture God says, “Yes, you may face some dark days, but I am there with you all the way.” God provides us with His rod and staff, the Holy Spirit as our comforter and that’s not all, God in divine provisional care dispatches His goodness and mercy angels that walk beside us every day of our lives and this protection is provided until we are ushered into heaven. So what the worry?

Remember when Christ was physically in the world He healed the sick, raised the dead, made lame to walk, and dumb to talk, well, Christ said that upon His departure that He would send another comforter, this was the Holy Spirit who resides inside each believer. One of the Holy Spirit’s functions is to bring us comfort in times of distress, but if we pray about our problems and continues to worry then, this tell God that we lacks the necessary faith and trust in Him that He can and will solve the problem. I am reminded of a phrase, if you pray don’t worry, and if you worry don’t pray. This phrase reflects on our discussion topic, but in our humanness we tend to worry and pray, but God wants our complete trust and faith in Him. A reminder is to pray that His Will be done and ask for strength to endure the situation and through the Holy Spirit God gives us the necessary strength we need.

Another thought on our topical discussion is when we encounter adversities our faith is strengthened as we learn to rely on God each time. Lastly, when we learn to let go and let God we establishes a closer walk with Him and completely trust God in every situation realizing God’s goodness surrounds us.

Let go and let God for He is in control.
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Words of Encouragement

John 16:33; Romans 15:1; Hebrews 3:13

While reflecting on the grim news that is bombarding our air ways while many are experiencing personal challenges, I felt it was my Christian duty to impart words of encouragement. Allow me to say regardless of personal situation, remember Jesus Christ is present through the Holy Spirit who is our comforter, guide and present help in times like these. Remember God's Words when He promised never to leave or forsake His own, and it has been my personal experience that when God seem to be far away is when He is the closest to us. Also, reflect on the famous poem, "Footprints in the Sand" which depicts two people walking alone the beach with two set of footprints been seen and the two become one; this is when the Lord carries His child through the darkest point in their lives. What a great God?

Romans 15:1 encourage the "strong to bear the infirmities of the weak" which mean those of us who are not experiencing trial and tribulations lend a listening ear or speak a kind word to those who are going through their storm. Be assured that trouble is certain to knock on your door, but the comforting thought is found in John 16:33 where Jesus states that "in the wold ye shall have tribulations: but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." Thank God for Jesus!

In closing, allow me to impart these word of wisdom, through it all God is still in control. Remember Job and his situation, Satan had to get permission from God to afflict Job, but God saw job through and blessed him immensely. Satan was not allowed to touch Job's soul, our souls belong to God and He is going to protect what's His. As God protected Job and brought him through He will do the same for you and I. Lastly, through all the turmoil that many are facing, whether personal or public look to God and "cast your cares on Him."
Cheer up tomorrow is a brighter day--God is in control.