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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Love Covered Sin

Proverbs 10:12

Hatred stirreth up strifes, but love covereth all sins.

In Proverbs 10:1-32, Solomon provides comparative looks at wise verses foolish or the righteous compared to the unrighteous, which gives readers then, now and for all generations the outcome of each. The righteous will flourish whereas the unrighteous will perish as noted in verse 8 which states the wise in heart will receive commandments, but the parting fool shall fall. This is true because the unwise will say in his heart I don't need God or will say there is no God, which leads the foolish person the feel that he is his own highest authority and that he is self-existence; wrong! Wrong!
It is noteworthy to say the foolish is lost and fail to realize his lostness, but thank God for His unconditional love and unending care that His love would not allow Him to leave man in his fallen state of despair.
Given the magnitude of His agape love God the Father gave His only Son to forgive the sins of the world; forgave He did as the world's sins was nailed to the cross with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Love of the righteous forgives others as it is a commandment given by Christ Himself. Loving one another as Christ loved us, and then the world will know that we are of God.
Love covers all; it covered you and me.

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