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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Renewed Commitment To Christ

Happy New Year

A Renewed Commitment To Christ

At the beginning of each New Year many make New Year's resolutions, which are commitments to do something or set new goals to achieve in the New Year.

Today, I want to encourage all humanity and especially believers of all walks of life to make a renewed commitment to Christ and holy living.  I make this plea because our world is in turmoil and our land needs a healing (2 Chronicle 7:14). If every believer recommit him or herself to Christ to show forth His righteousness, because we are the church that is set upon a hill shining the brightness of God's glory for the entire world to see.

The more this sinful world sees the goodness of God, and then others will come to Christ. How is this accomplished? This is accomplished by believers/Christians, spreading the Word of God, remaining steadfast in Christ, being faithful unto Him and His holiness while having an enduring spirit as we persevere in our faith.

A renewed commitment to Christ is the believer's New Year's resolution.

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