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Friday, December 30, 2016

Reflections and Encouragement

Psalm 23:1-6

The Lord is my shepherd, shall not want.

Today's message is designed for us to look back on 2016 and consider the blessing and trials that we encountered this year; our blessings out weigh our troubles and for this we say thank You Lord.
Reflecting on the entire 23rd Psalm, we see just who the Lord. He is ever present and His goodness and mercy is there regardless of the situation. There is no problem that He can't solve and no mountain to high for Him to climb. He is every where.
That being said, we can look forward to the New Year with a renewed hope that the God we serve is much larger than any problem and or situation we may encounter. My advice, tell your little problems about your big God. I say this because whatever we may face God knew about it before it began and have the solution we have to see the situation through to the end. In doing so our faith grows and our confidence in the Lord increases. There is no failure in Him.
That said, as we reflect, look forward to the New Year with a strong conviction and a renewed commitment to live for Jesus and let the world know who we are and to whom we belong.
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