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Friday, February 8, 2013

Answering God;s Call

1 Samuel 3:4

…The Lord called Samuel; and he answered, Here am I.

In Tuesday's discussion our focus was Being called by God, but today our focus is answering the call which is what the young Samuel did when God called him to service.
Why focus on the subject? Networking with many who are in ministry whether it is preaching, teaching, evangelizing, and etc the call is being made and being answered. Contrary to the old guard that only men are called to preach. Women are stepping forth in every category of ministry and the Word is being shared. God is calling laborers in every phase of ministry as it is designed to unify and uplift the body of Christ as there is one body, one Spirit and one Lord (Ephesians 4:3-4) as we all are serving one God and is designed to glorify Him and build His kingdom. Comparing the body of Christ-the church to that of one's physical body we see there are many members each having its own functions? This is true of the church. Some are called to usher, some to handle the churches finances, some to nurse-care for the well-being of others and some to be deacons, and etc.
Let me close by saying, whatever ministry God calls you to answer as the young Samuel did, "Here am I." It is far better to obey God than man.
Answer your call.
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