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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Conviction and Commitment

As we begin the New Year it is with the conviction to live for Christ our Lord and Savior as He is the way, truth and the light to a better and more rewarding life.

Believers being the guiding in this sin darkened world the unsaved will come to know Christ in the parting of their sins and accept Him as Lord and Savior. For the saved, we will commit ourselves to shine brighter the light of Christ for this world to see through our witnessing and proclaiming the good news of salvation.

That being said, writing this month's messages are designed to point all to Christ with an undeterred conviction of sharing the gospel message of Christ. Carrying the gospel message, all readers will have a renewed commitment to tell everybody what Christ has done in his/her life-witnessing Christ.

With this renewed conviction and commitment, the gospel will continue to be proclaimed the world over so that lost souls will hear and come to Christ. Then the new converts will become adopted sons and daughters of God thereby joining His holy nation.

With a renewed conviction and commitment, we can and will do great things for the Lord.

Conviction and commitment equals courage, confidence and promise.

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