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Friday, September 23, 2016

Gun Violence: Commentary

In light of the recent African American men being shot dead in the streets by the very people who have been sworn to protect us; this makes me wonder if these killings are a form of modern-day lynching where back in the day Black men were hanged just because. Have we gone back to those days? Is the KKK dressed in three-piece suits, police uniforms and judge robes? How in good conscience can these officers kill the very people they have sworn to protect?  Are these officers being vetted well enough to detect the hatred that is hidden their hearts and is on display with these killings? How convenient body cameras are turned off in many cases when another killing/murder is occurring? Who made these officers judge, jury and executioner? When will the justice system hold these people accountable for their actions? The system is supposed to work equally for all citizens, but we know it doesn't.
If a poll were taken, many if not all would say they believe in God. My question, what God because the God I like vast majority serve a God of peace, love, mercy, and justice. A God who created and sustains all creation; this includes all humanity.
I am fearful for my grown sons as they travel to and from work as well as other daily routines. I carry this same fear for other mothers' sons, husbands and brothers. When they leave home will they return home alive? What are we to do? We are already praying, but violence is not the answer. My feeling is that we must come together and change the system from within on every level.
During this presidential election hatred, bigotry and vitriol has taken center stage; I wonder why is this allowed and where is the love?
Our young boys and girls must understand that education is the avenue to improving their current situation. Do not get caught up in the negative situations around you, because you are better than that.
Love replaces hate, communication and understanding supersedes fear.
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