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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Power Of Prayer

James 5:16

....The effectual prayer of the righteous availeth much.

Prayers have been part of man's life since the beginning of time; therefore, we are encouraged to always pray in faith, honesty and with a sincere heart.

We know there is power in prayer, because prayer draws the prayer close to God and it opens the way to a Spirit-filled life in the prayer's life. The power of prayer also aids in ministry for the person who is working in ministry. Prayer brings a deeper devotion to Christ as well as giving the prayer insight into God's provision while giving unwavering faith into His provisional care.

In our warfare with Satan, prayer gives us the power to defeat him at every turn. This is because when Satan sees us in prayer he knows there is a strong bond between the prayer and God. Prayers of one righteous person will cause one thousand of Satan's demons to flee; just think of the collective power we have; power to Satan's defeat.

It is noteworthy to say there are different kinds of prayer such as prayers of thanksgiving, intercessory, and supplication. Whatever the kind prayer we are praying let's always give adoration to God; simple because of who He is and His sovereign powers.

Let me close by encouraging all to pray! Pray! Pray all in the name of Jesus;  there is wonder working power in prayer.

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