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Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Divine Healing

Matthew 8:16-17; Exodus 15:26

Today's topical discussion is A Divine Healing; the reason why healing is necessary and what provisions God has made for healing.
What is healing? Healing is the process of being cured of something, to repair or to be made whole again. There is physical, emotional and spiritual healing and sometimes one requires a healing from all three. On many occasions during Jesus' earthly ministry, He healed a physical condition to address the spiritual condition.
Let us look at the underpinnings that resulted in humanity requiring a healing. The fall of our first family Adam and Eve is the consequences of their disobedience and their fall from God's grace. Therefore, sin and death is the result of such fall and sickness and diseases is concluded to be intertwined with the two. The Bible makes a strong argument that the root of the problem stems from two causes (a) sin which affects both physical and spiritual (John 5:5;15), and (b) Satan who is the author of all lies and deceit (Acts 10:38; Mark 9:17, 20, 25; Luke 13:11; Acts 19:11-12). It was Satan and his lies that deceived Eve and since then sin and diseases has been on an upward spiral. 
We have discussed the root cause; let's explore God's redemptive provision in the matter. In God's redemptive plan for sin He provides forgiveness; for death He provides a resurrected and eternal life, and for sickness God provides healing (Psalm 103:1-5; Luke 4:18; 5:17-26; James 5:14-15). What a loving God!
The question now becomes, how does Jesus' threefold ministry tie into God's redemptive provision? Jesus' threefold earthly ministry is teaching God's Word, preaching repentance, which addresses the sin problem, while the blessings from repentance is receiving God's eternal and resurrected life; this addresses the death issue, and Christ healed every kind of sickness, diseases and infirmities that was among the people (Matthew 4:23-24) which addresses healing.
Jesus Christ is God's Son and salvation was and remains embodied in Him; He carried out the Will of God. With that being said, let us examine God's Will concerning healing, sin and death. Let's discuss it from (a) what God promised (b) Jesus ministry (c) His (Christ's) atonement and (d) the healing ministry of the church.
First, God promised health and healing to His people if they remained faithful to Him and obeyed His commandments (Exodus 15:26). It specifically states that "I will put none of these diseases upon thee (this was God's judgment) which I have brought upon the Egyptians". The verse further states, "I am the Lord that healeth thee (the Lord as their Redeemer)." God remains faithful to His promises both then and now.
Second, during Jesus' earthly ministry depicted the very nature and heart of God as Christ is the incarnated Son of God and healing was a normal part of Christ's earthly ministry. A major purpose of Christ's ministry was to heal all who were sick and oppressed by Satan and his demonic schemes to destroy man. Christ healed both individuals and groups; all who were sick and was brought to Him.
Third, Christ's atoning death was complete and sufficient within itself to redeem the whole man; his spirit, body and soul. Since sin and sickness are the two-pronged attacks used by Satan to destroy mankind it is only befitting that forgiveness and healing are the two pronged blessings designed by God to redeem man and restore wholeness once again (Psalm 103:3). What must believers do to receive the full benefit of God's blessings of healing and Christ's atonement? All believers must remain steadfast in faith and humility to receive the full provisions of Christ's atonement which includes healing of the body. It is noteworthy to say that not all healing occur on this side of Jordan (life); only if it's God's Will.
Fourth, the church plays an important part in healing. Remember Jesus sent out His 12 disciples to heal the sick as part of their preaching the gospel of Christ (Luke 9:1-26). Next, Christ commissioned and sent 70 disciples to do the same work (Luke 10:1, 9-9; 19). After the day of Pentecost, the church was commissioned to carry on Jesus' healing ministry as part of the gospel message (Acts 3:1-10; 4:30; 5:16; 8:7; 9:34; 14:8-10). New Testament scriptures outlines three specifics methods for God's healing power and faith is to occur in the church's healing ministry, and they are (a) the laying on of hands (Mark 16:15-18; Acts 9:17), (b) by confessing ones known sin, which is to be followed by anointing the sick with oil followed by the prayer of faith (James 5:14-16), and (c) exercising the spiritual gifts of healing given to the church by God (1 Corinthian 12:9).
What we can conclude from this discussion is that because of disobedience sin and death entered the human race, but because of God and His love we have forgiveness, eternal life and His healing.
In the coming week we conclude our discussion on healing by discussing what hinders our healing and what steps can we take to be made whole again?

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