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Friday, July 29, 2016

History Being Made

During this year's presidential election we have witnessed history in the making by nominating a woman at the head of the Democratic party or any major party for that matter.
During this week the Democratic Party have presented a litany of speakers speaking to the character of its nominee, her commitment for getting things done, care for all humanity and the inclusivity of all.
Wednesday, July 26, 2016 the nomination was made official by nominating Hillary Clinton as this party's nominee for the office of President of these United States of America. This nomination was solidified Wednesday night with the rounding endorsements made by the heavy hitters of the party and most of all the ringing endorsement made by President Obama when he stated that she is more ready for the position. The baton was passed by our current president in words and displayed is this picture.

Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech where she accepted the baton of becoming our next President; another moment in living history.

The next chapter will be written when Hillary Clinton takes the oat of office as President of these United States.
Let's come together in prayer, unity and love, because love conquerors all.
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