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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A World Gone Wrong

Romans 3:9

What then? Are we better than they? No, in no wise; for we have before proved both Jews and Gentiles that they (we) are all under sin.

While praying for peace and comfort for all those affected by the wave of violence that took center stage over the past few days I pondered what to write for today's message; the Holy Spirit gave me the above topic which is this quarter's Sunday school topic.
We all are affected one way or another by the constant stream of violence that is being played out before our eyes. This is not of God. I say this because we all are linked together through God's Spirit the Holy Spirit. He breathed the breath of life into each of us and we became a living soul. One is no better than the other regardless of our race, nationality, creed, color and gender. All humanity is God's creation and He created us equally.
These questions come to mind, who are we to take another person's life? Who are we to say that one person is better than someone else? Who made anyone judge, jury and executioner of another? God is the only righteous judge and He will judge the world of its sins just as He did before sending His Son Jesus to atone the world of its sins. Today's sin and sinful acts will not escape God's judgment.
That said, what this world needs is more love. We are commanded to love one another and to treat one another as thyself. Keep in mind, God loves us all and we are to emulate God's love by loving everyone. I could ask, how did we loose that loving feeling? Is it because in today's society we are more focused on status and or nationality of a person rather than the person himself? Whatever the reason remember, we all are created equal in the eyes of God and will be judged accordingly.
Let me close by encouraging all to live and let live; give love and receive love; we are all one in Christ.
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