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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Members Of One Body

Ephesians 5:30

For we are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones

Paul is making an analogy of the family and Christ's church where he asks a profound question, has a man ever hated his own flesh (v.29)? Paul answers the question by saying that man loves himself and will not harm himself and further explain that all believers are members of Christ's body, His flesh and bones. That said, all believers are born of the Spirit of God and are compelled to live godly giving reverence to Him for who He is and what He done for us.
Christ being the head of the church; His body so is He the head of our lives. In our earthly family the man is the head. The wife and children are to be submissive unto him in love emulating the godly structure established by God.
As members of Christ's body each has a function just as the earthly family. The human body has only one head and different parts of the body each having their own function to complete the body. This principle applies to the body of Christ.
Believers, it is a blessing to be members of Christ's body-the church who is His bride and one day the marriage will occur between Christ and the church.
Believers, we are of one body with many members.

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