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Friday, April 8, 2016

Reflections On Who Is Christ?

John 10:10

 Today's discussion is taken from my April Heavenly Bread devotional with a focus on Christ and His atoning works reconciling man back to God the Father. In doing so, all who believe have a right standing with the Father.
In our reflections think on the names that is associated with Christ and what each means to you; some are: (a) the Anointed One, (b) the good shepherd, (c) Savior, (d) the Word and (e) the Bread of life. Christ as the anointed One was slain from the foundation of the world to be the Savior of the world.
Christ as the Savior of the world is the good Shepherd who give living bread and water that is essential for all believers' spiritual growth.
Christ is our bright and morning star whose light shines brighter than the sun, because He is the Son of the living God.
Being sons of God the Father, we are the lit candles in this world shinning bright the light of Christ in a sin darken world.
Believers, we are who we are because Christ our Savoir paid it all on Calvary's cross, and there is no greater reward than to be counted as members of God's holy nation of priests.
Christ is the head of the church and all believers are His bride who will reign with Him in the New Jerusalem.

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