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Friday, September 25, 2015

Prepare For The Harvest

Jeremiah 8:20

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.

The focus of today's topical discussion is on the harvest of all souls whether saved or unsaved. That said, all who are not saved will be gathered and cast in the lake of fire.
If these questions were raised, who will gather all souls? How can we prepare for the harvest? Jesus Christ will be the one gathering all souls whether saved or unsaved wheat or tare. Jesus Christ is the righteous judge who will judge every nation. When He came the first time was as servant, but His second coming will be as the righteous judge and rightly so because of His atoning work on Calvary's cross paying man's sin-debt reconciling man back to God the Father. It is noteworthy to say that God has a set time for the harvest; therefore, it behooves every man to prepare for the wheat harvest which is made up of all believers where we will spend eternity with Him.
We prepare for the harvest by first accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior who died for your and my sins, and then we must commit ourselves to walk in the His light of Christ because He is the truth and the light. He is the doorway to our heavenly Father.
 Second, believers are to be instruments of righteousness because as a child of God we wear His righteous garment of salvation. Wearing God's garment of salvation we walk in harmony with God. This is accomplished by making our house one of prayer, making intercessory prayers for self and others and making them effective by being honest in our prayers while praying from the heart.
Third, believers are to remain faithful and unwavering in our faith because during in the harvest all will have to give an account of his or her stewardship.
The harvest is coming. God is going to separate the wheat from the tare; therefore, prepare.
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