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Friday, July 24, 2015

The Office Of Trustee


...Brethren look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom; whom ye may appoint over this business.

Today's discussion is the conclusion of several topical discussions on church leaders that occurred over the past several days. We begin by posing this question, why was it necessary to appoint trustees for the church? The early church was growing by leaps and bounds and seeing to non spiritual affairs of the church became too much for the apostles. There was a murmuring among the widowers of the church of being neglected, which necessitated the appointment of seven men full of the Holy Ghost and honesty was chosen.
Our scripture text provides the qualifications for the office of trustee and when one is selected what is to happen; prayers are made and the laying of hands on the person. Being full of the Holy Ghost meant that the person remained connected to God and His righteousness while being constantly filled with the Spirit to effectively serve/minister in the office of trustee.
Ordaining a person to the office of trustee serves as a witness to the church that the person selected perseveres in faith to do the work as assigned. This should be done with humility, honesty, in faithfulness and trustworthiness. The office of trustee entails caring for the welfare of the church, which includes the church's finances and its upkeep.
Godly wisdom is very important when serving as a trustee because it requires the care for our church home. Applying godly wisdom is evidence of being led by God's Spirit as the trustee work in close communion with the pastor and the deacon board.
Trustees, the pastor is God's under shepherd you follow him as he follows God.

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