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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Moral Correctness

Today's message is a series of reflective questions that is inspired by the latest immoral events that have occurred in this country over the two weeks, but began some time ago. Several years ago (2008) I wrote commentaries which asked the following questions: (a) has America lost its moral Compass? The question was raised because it appeared back then that what was wrong had become the new norm and today that perception is more prevalent than ever before with the Supreme Court ruling that same sex marriage is protected under the Constitution of this country. This contradicts God's law which states that marriage is between man and a woman, not two of the same sex. These questions come to mind, did these decision makers ever consider the institution of marriage implemented by God according to Genesis1:27? How did we get to this point when our leaders and or appointed officials feel that they have the final say or of the highest authority? There is a God and He is going to rain down judgment on this country. I have been taught and believe that the Bible (the Holy Scriptures) is the highest authority because it is God's holy Word and this country was founded on godly principles. Scripture also teaches that when man's law contradicts that of God, then we are to obey God's law.
(b) Has America become the new face of Sodom and Gomorrah? I think so because we are witness all manner of sin and evil. Prayer was removed from schools and in walks Satan. The family structure has been compromised, where society has basically taken the man out of the house, and with this same sex marriage it is ok for two of the same sex to marriage and raise children. What kind of mind set these children will have as adults? What is being taught about God? Does exist, or is He just an imaginary figure? Our religious freedom and rights are being eroded when a business owner cannot refuse services to same sex couples because of his or her religious beliefs and or persuasions. Racial hate is making it impossible to attend church for worship. What is next in our immoral society?
(c) Is God angry with America? When I wrote this article was after Katrina and I felt strongly this was a warning from God, which was His attempt to get America's attention and for her to change her evil ways. There were many other disasters here in this country and around the world to me signifies God's anger. Things have only gotten worse. Please note there are many of God's people constantly making prayer intercessions for the conditions of this country and the world.
God is going to rain down His judgment on America and sin everywhere because He sees all and records are being kept (scripture references Amos 8:1-14; Hosea 11:1-7). All participants (corrupt leaders, laity and false prophets) get ready your day of reckoning with God is near because He has no tolerance for sin. His longsuffering is giving man time to repent.
Moral correctness/laws is what God' says it is as described in scripture. God's moral and standards is what all humanity will be judged.
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