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Friday, January 30, 2015

Faithful Believers

Psalm 31:23

O love the Lord, all ye His saints, for the Lord preserveth the faithful, and plentifully rewarded the proud doer.

Faithfulness is a commitment and or dedication to something or someone. God's faithfulness is present throughout the scriptures. Believers' faithfulness is encouraged as we identify with our Lord.
That said, the Psalmist makes a profound statement regarding being faithful to the Lord and the reward for being faithful. Believers are to emulate God who is faithful; therefore, our faithfulness is a precious commodity. Being faithful is a testament to all believers' character as faithfulness is a godly quality. Then too it speaks volumes of the believer's word and or promise.
Being faithful unto the Lord is richly rewarded with heavenly blessings as our steadfast faith will result in us overcoming this world to be rewarded with our heavenly crown of life and dwelling with Christ in the New Jerusalem.
Faithfulness also causes believers to persevere in Christ while on this Christian journey that is likened to a race where victory is not given to the swift but to the one who endures unto the end.
These questions come to mind, is your works evidenced by your faith? Will your faith withstand Satan's fiery darts of wickedness? Faith is our shield when fighting Satan (Ephesians 6:16)? Does your faith motivate you to proclaim Christ to all lost souls of this world? How strong is your faith?
Faithful believers are strong in their faith.
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