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Friday, October 3, 2014

Blessed And Highly Favored

Luke 1:28

...Thou are blessed and highly favored, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou are among women.

The scene for today's lesson study is the Mary the mother of Jesus being visited by the angel of the Lord informing Mary of her very important assignment as it relates to the promised Messiah's birth. Mary had found favor with God the Father and was chosen to be the human gateway for Christ's birth to fulfill the mission of paying man's sin-debt.
Believers have found favor with God the Father in that we are chosen to be His peculiar people set apart from this world and be the lit candles shining the light of Christ our Savor. Believers collectively are the city that is set upon a hill calling all unbelievers to come and join the family of God as His sons and daughters.
Believers being blessed and highly favored as God's elect, we wear the righteous garment of salvation because all believers have been washed in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Being blessed and highly favored, believers will spend eternity in the presence of God and will have glorified bodies like Christ. Being the blessed and highly favored of God we were chosen from the foundation of the world as God knew from the beginning who would accept His salvation invitation to live with Him forever.
Believers, we are the blessed and highly favored of God as His special people.
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