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Friday, December 6, 2013

Sing Praises Unto His Holy Name

Sing Praises Unto His Holy Name
Psalm 135:1-21

Praise ye the Lord; Praise ye the name of the Lord; praise Him, O ye servants of the Lord...Praise the Lord; for the Lord is good; sing praises unto His name; for it is pleasant.

his psalm is a call for praises to be made unto God because of (a) God delivered Israel into a covenant relationship with Him where they pledged to obey and live holy lives before Him (vv. 1-4). (b) God is the one true living God who is active in all the affairs of man and the world (vv. 5-13) as this speak to His provisional care. (c) God is always near His people through the indwelling Holy Spirit as He share in our feelings and have compassion on His people (v. 14).
This psalm is applicable today for all and especially believers as they recognize the sovereignty of God Almighty. That being said, there is joy and a gladness of heart in singing praises to God.
These questions come to mind, Do you offer songs of praises to God for His goodness? If so how often do you sing praises unto God? Can you say like the Psalmist in verse 21, "Blessed be the Lord out of Zion, which dwelleth at Jerusalem. Praise ye the Lord." God is the God who has no beginning nor ending who is worthy of all praises. He saves all who believes.
Simply praise Him. Let all nations praise ye the Lord.
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