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Friday, November 8, 2013

What Does Grace Mean To You?

Romans 5:20b

But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound;
et's answer today's discussion question with some personal reflections on God's all sufficient grace. Let me remind you that God's grace is His righteousness at Christ's Expense as stated earlier for the sake of establishing an intimate fellowship with man. It was God's grace that I and other believers are saved through faith in Jesus Christ which means to me that I now have eternal life and will spend eternity with God. It was God's grace that allowed mercy to take the place of justice and now all believers are free from sin. God's grace!
The statement God's grace is sufficient, is true and all encompassing because whatever is needed God's will supply according to His grace and righteousness. God's provisional care is on display in Him making provisions for man's every need. When I needed a comforter His grace was there. It is through His grace all my needs as well as others are met. When overwhelmed with anxiety and or worry I take my problem to the Lord in prayer and the Lord's answers every time. When I needed a friend, God graciously supplied.
The grace of God abound more than sin even in sin's most powerful state it is still no match for God's grace. Therefore, believers fear not because of sin stand strong in God because His grace is sufficient. Remember Christ conquered sin on the cross.
Thank You God for your all encompassing grace.
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