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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


On the eve of celebrating or partaking in this day I pose this question, as a Christian and given what is known about Halloween and its origin, do you participate and if so, to what extent? Each person has to supply his or her answer. (see attached history on Halloween).
Today's discussion isn't designed to be critical, just reflecting on our participation in certain holidays as Christians. According to the news spending for this day is second only to Christmas. What does this say for our society today?
When my children was young, I took them trick-or-treating within my block on my street and when they grew beyond this activity I was relieved. With the passing of time and as society grew progressively wicked and I learned the history of Halloween my participation went from giving candy, money to prayer for the safety of those who participate and asking God to change the hearts of those who seek to do evil to others.
What puzzled me was why would anyone want to deliberately harm a child who is innocently participating in an activity they consider fun. I am very delighted that many churches are holding in house activities for their young parishioners.
Join me in praying for the safety of our children who will be participating and this nation as a whole. This nation needs a healing (2 Chronicles 7:14).
Prayer changes things.
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