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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Give Yourself To Prayer

Acts 6:4

We will give ourselves continually to prayer; and to the ministry of the word.

Why must believers give themselves continually to prayer? Let’s answer from these perspectives;
(a)Prayer has a long and rich history of being part of man's life as man has always prayed to his God. (b) Prayer is seen as an important part of all religions.
(c) Prayers are effective and are made in supplication with thanksgiving always for God's goodness, His grace and mercy. (d) Prayers are apart of the spiritual conflict that believers are engaged in with Satan. (e) Every victory that is won is on our knees through prayer as believers are to be persistent and have faith in our prayers. (f) Matthew 7:7-8 encourages believers to be persistent in asking, seeking and knocking on God's throne of grace while being confident that He hears and will answer. (g) When the Holy Spirit came on the Day of Pentecost continued prayers were being made. (g) Jesus made prayer a vital part of His life; therefore, if Jesus prayed why not you and I. (h) Believers are encouraged to pray daily as this is our communication with God the Father and He enjoys communicating with His people.
When we pray God's Spirit falls on us, then we have the ability and desire to walk in the ordinances of God. Being clothed in the Spirit of God believers manifest the brightness of God's glory.
Give yourself to prayer, witness His saving power and establishes a closer walk with Him.

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