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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is God angry with America?

This topical discussion question is being posed because in the past few years we have witnessed natural disasters one after another and in many instances they are occurring simultaneously. Case in point, we often witness one section of this country experiencing wild fires burning out of control; lives and property lost is staggering, another section is under water, here again property loss and lives being threaten, while another section of this country is suffering from sweltering heat, while yet another section is reeling from hurricane and tornado storms.

Who can forget Katrina? This disaster goes on record as being the worst that ever hit American shores. Many lives were lost, numerous people were displaced from their homes and in many instances families were separated. America had always been the one rushing humanitarian aid to other disaster victims but now it was America’s turn to receive aid form other countries. The Katrina disaster came to our sea shores shortly after the tsunami of 2004 in the Indian Ocean where many lives were lost and the property losses were staggering. Each year since the Katrina disaster, it appears as thou natural disasters within our sea have shores become more severe. During the Katrina disaster, reflect with me on the many people that were relocated to what one may call higher grounds while New Orleans was under water and this year we are witnessing many cities and towns in Iowa and all along the Mighty Mississippi River being under water. This brings back vivid pictures of New Orleans. God destroyed a city with the forces of water from the ocean and this year in the Iowa flooding situation we see God bringing flooding and destruction from the sky; He simply opened up the storm clouds in the heavens and said rain and let the waters flow all along the Mississippi River. Look at the results, levees giving way under the pressure from the water, families being displaced and properties destroyed.

What are you saying? Well, I am not saying that all Americans are sinners or have turned their backs on God, but overall this country has been blessed beyond measure. How have we (Americans) responded to God’s blessings? Have our many blessings caused us to forget about God or do we feel we are blessed just because? Have we taken our eyes off God and feel we doesn’t need Him any longer? Aren’t we following in Israel’s foot steps? Are we searching the scriptures and taking notice as to what happened to Israel for their backsliding? Finally what are some of the impenitent wickedness that is occurring in this country today? We are witnessing same sex marriages, homosexuality is running rampart, gambling in almost every city and or state as if it is the panacea. We want to remove God’s name from court houses, and prayer have been taken out of our schools. The institution of the family structure has been altered, some churches preaching a prosperity gospel.
America the biblical principal of “In God we Trust”, is what this country was founded; therefore, let us not forget God and who He is and get back to trusting God.

America, another profound question comes to mind, is we living the book of Revelation? Many people I talk to seem to think so. What do you think? If you read Revelation chapters 6-19 and take notice of what’s happening in the world today, will make one think yes these are the last days. If these are not the last days, then is prophesy being fulfilled regarding the fall of America? The writer doesn’t have all the answer, but what the writer does know that if America will humble herself; turn from her wicked ways and pray then she will hear from heaven and God will heal our land. America gambling is not the panacea for our economic growth. God wants to remain first in our lives. He stated in His word, the Bible that “I will supply all of your needs according to my riches and glory by Christ Jesus.” Take God at His Word; try God for a change. We have tried our way, now its time to return to God and His methods.

Now if scientist and politicians were to read this article, they would say the natural disasters are due to climate change as a result of global warming; well that may be in part true but remember God gave man dominion over all His creation, therefore, we haven’t been good stewards have we? What is a steward? A steward is a manager or one who manages. Look at God who loved man so much He placed us in charge of His creation. What a trusting God?

This brings me to the final segment of this topical discussion, which is believers what are we to do? Fellow believers join with me in prayer for the healing of this land and sinners turn from their wicked way. Americans, believers and non-believers lets humble our selves before God. Let’s make God the forefront of our lives because He is the center of our existence from beginning to end.

Let’s pray, Father God, as we witness many natural disasters here at home and abroad, Lord touch the heart of every person and let them know that You are still supreme and in control and whatever our needs are You will supply, for this we thank You. Father, You are still all wise and all knowing. Father look on the ones experiencing difficulties, fix the situations. Finally, Father God, America as a whole has turned from you, give us a repentant heart so that You may withhold Your anger against us; so when the great day of Your wrath finally does come, we will be able to stand (Revelation 6:17 paraphrased). Father, we thank for Your goodness, mercy and answering this prayer. Amen.

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Who Is Jesus? said...

I believe that God is angry with all nation, because of sin. But God judgment will fall on America. We as the churches have turn our back on Christ, and have allow sin to enter the churches, we are the moral temperature of the world.
As long as a river flow, the water is fresh and clear, but if the river cannot flow, water become stagnant and nothing can live in the river and that is what has happen to the churches we have become polluted. If we are the morality of the world and we have become polluted, what about world. It has become abomination before God. That is why the same sex is trying to marry one another. child molester, murder, lying, rapest etc... If God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for it abomination, what about the America. We as the churches is held to a higher standard and accountability before the world and must stand in judgment before God.